Just Jeri – It’s A Wrap!

Image by Yevhen Buzuk from Pixabay

I cannot wrap presents at all. Its not because I don’t like to do it it’s because I literally don’t know how to wrap. I’ve tried, but it’s all off center or balled up at the ends. It’s a mess. My poor husband has done all the wrapping since the kids were little. At this time of year that’s what people think about is all the beautifully wrapped presents.  I focus on the time and effort someone took to select a gift. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the wrappings it does add even more to the present.

Life is like presents sometimes its beautifully wrapped or it’s a wadded-up ball of a mess. Even in the mess there is something beautiful to be found. This year I hope people, including myself, will find joy in the mess. Holidays can be so hard, but if we offer those small bits of kindness to each other it will be the best gift. I would love to hear about a special gift you received. Leave me a comment.

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