Just Jeri – Storms

Image by Marco Roosink from Pixabay

Let’s talk storms the real ones and the metaphorical ones.  A couple of weeks ago we had a freak storm blow through my town knocking out power, downing fences, and trees.  It only lasted 15 minutes, but felt like forever as the wind howled and rocks pelted my windows. It blew out and the stars and moon came out big and bright.  We lost power for 24 hours and it got hot in my house, but it came back on and everything was set to right again.

We can’t control the weather or other storms that come into our life. Some storms last longer than others and sometimes the outcome isn’t what we wanted, but the storm never stays the same. It moves on one way or another. We have the choice of staying focused on the destruction or we can see the sun or moon shining again.  I love it when something turns out better than I could imagine. Do you have a time when something turned out better then expected? Leave me a comment.

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