Just Jeri – Space

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Space and not the final frontier. I’m talking about workspace. I was lucky enough to finally get my own office when we moved and I love it so much! I have created a space with everything that brings me inspiration. I have fairies all over my book shelves, special books as stacked decorations and my little stereo for music. I have some lovely scented candles and considering adding a small plant, but then I worry about the cats. They tend to use my office as their personal sunbathing room. I think my overall theme of enchanted forest is working.

The one place I can’t seem to organize is my desk. It’s a big desk with 3 drawers on each side. The bottom being file hanging drawers. My center drawer is filled with all kinds of stuff thrown in haphazardly. The other drawers are not deep but can fit journals, stationary, etc. How do I tackle this desk. I would love to hear your organizing tips and tricks. Please, I beg you, leave me a comment.

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