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Planner with pen and plant laid on desk

Image by melinda257 from Pixabay

It’s that time of year again when people make New Year’s Resolutions…blah blah. I Don’t. Instead, I begin planning my year with my Bloom Planner. You can find them at www.bloomplanners.com. They are a small female owned business and I love supporting their vision.  What is unique about their planners is it has pages that inspire you. The first page asks you what your Word for the Year is and I love that so much! The next few pages focus on your personal goals, habit tracking and how you did the previous year. The best pages are of Things Not to Do and your Joy list. I really love how this planner gives me Vision and hope to achieve my goals.

The really fun part is they have a wide selection of fun stickers you can use for all kinds of activities and events. I turn into a 3rd grader putting all my stickers in place for the year. Even chore stickers are fun like cleaning and appointments.  How do you approach the New Year? Leave me a comment.

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