Just Jeri – Dreams

Book open with writing and coffee cup sitting on opposite page.

Image by Marta Kulesza from Pixabay

I am not talking about the ones we have when we are asleep, but the ones we have in those quiet alone times. People ask me if I always wanted to be a writer. Honestly, no I never saw myself becoming a published author. Growing up I never dreamed of any kind of future for myself, sad I know. It’s a story for another time.  Dreams are not just for little kids wondering what they will be when they grow up. They are for all of us at any age and they change continually.

I think people assume dreams are the goals we hope to achieve in our lives.  My spin doesn’t involve the mundane. Dreams are magic! It’s visualizing the potential for anything you want. Having hope and faith that you will create a new world for yourself.  Guess what? You can. I have big dreams now and I know I will have to work hard for them, but I am not giving up. Are you with me? I would love to hear about your big dreams. Leave me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Just Jeri – Dreams

  1. My dream is to do better for my family one day. I’ve always loved service to others and i never thought law school was an attainable goal but I’m going to try. I’d love to write a book one day about my life in hopes that a story about a nobody will inspire someone to just keep trying despite struggles and trials. ❤️


    1. I love this so much! You are definitely not a nobody. Your story matters and you will finish law school. Write a few words whenever the mood hits you. You will have a book before you know it.


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