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Music plays a huge role in my writing process. I always have a station playing when I write and it’s filled with a very eclectic taste in music. If I am working on a particular hard scene or I don’t know where my story is going, I go old school and pop in a CD. Enrique Iglesias is the singer that seems to kick my brain in gear, but only if he is singing in Spanish. I know its strange and I can’t explain why, but it works. Now that’s the basic part of my writing process.

I have a playlist for each book I write. Seeking Perfect’s playlist was concocted with a variety of artists that you couldn’t imagine together. Every song meant something to the characters, Derek and Jesse. It could’ve been a song Jesse sang to Derek and vice versa. I picked some songs because they spoke to the overall theme of the book and its characters as well. I think music speaks those words from our hearts that we can’t seem to say out loud.  I’m putting up my Spotify playlist for Seeking Perfect. Let me know what you think and if you can figure out which songs are Jesse’s and which ones are Derek’s. 

Drop me a comment on your favorite music too.

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  1. Music is a must for me during the day. If I’m not on the phone, I’ve got spotify going on the computer. Just like you, my mood, productivity level (or what I need it to be) all determines what playlist I have going. If I need to get stuff done and am unmotivated, I’m typically listening to the “Songs to sing in the shower” playlist. If I need to concentrate on paperwork, Sea Shanty’s have become my go to. If my mood is a little blue, I listen to Juanes or Mana because sometimes a little Spanish rock is all you need! 🙂 Today, I was blasting Rammstein…lets just say it wasn’t a great day!

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